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About Metal Machining

Metal Machining / MOM is a relatively young company founded in 2017. We are engaged in the production of press tools, casting tools as well as service production of prototypes and serial production. The machines for processing and production of tools are of very high quality, so we can comply with all quality requirements.
In the coming years, we plan to increase the machine park.

About MOM

We provide machining of metals and non-metals through the production of prototype solutions and serial production using CNC milling machines, universal grinders and turning.
We are equipped to make parts according to technical documentation or a sample from the field such as:
▹ Automotive industry
▹ Construction industry
▹ Food industry
▹ Tool industry

Turning machining

We offer a service of turning on lathes with driven tools.

Milling machining

We offer milling services with modern tools that offer precision and accuracy.

Grinding machining

We offer the service of flat surface grinding of parts of different dimensions.